Their Is A Lesson Before Dying



- an offensive term that deliberately insults somebody's appetite, consideration for others, tidiness, or cleanliness. Informal insult ( A hog symbolizes how the whites in the community treated the blacks and they think about them socially. A hog is a filthy, dirty animal, which in the time period of the 1940's is how most whites viewed blacks, and believed that blacks were good for nothing but to work for the whites.


- The food in "A Lesson Before Dying" symbolizes the black community. The type of food that symbolized the blacks is normally refered to as the Southern hospitality. The foods that are included are things such as shrimp and gumbo. In the novel it seperates the whites from the blacks, and shows how Miss Emma and the rest of the community ate that is also relevant to the time period of the 1940's. 


-  The notebook in the novel symbolizes the relationship that grew between Jefferson and Grant Wiggins. The notebook was Grant's way of counseling with Jefferson before his time ends. The notebook allowed Jefferson to think about many things that has happen to him which in returned gave Grant his own counseling that helped him in his life. Chapter 29 is every thing Jefferson expressed in the notebook which helped change Grant's mantllity on his life and community. The notebook also change the relationship between blacks and whites, when the white man shakes Grant's after reading the notebook.

The Chair

- The chair symbolized the image of Jefferson's death. The electric chiar serves as a reminder that no matter how much Jefferson felt improved his still is going to die. It remaind in Grant's mind that Jefferson will die, even though he has a renewed self-confidence ,and is up for the task, no matter what he does Jefferson will still die. 


-  The religion aspect of the book helps many people deal with Jefferson's death. The church serves as a support system for Miss Emma whom is a very religious person. Miss. Emma's belief  helps hold her strong as the community awaits for Jefferson's death. Jefferson's death is also religious because his death occurs around Easter which the church celebrating God's crucifixion and raising from the dead.