Their Is A Lesson Before Dying

The Novel

This novel starts off being about a black man named Jefferson whom is falsely accused of murder and robbery to the first degree. Miss. Emma, Jefferson's godmother, took it personal to what the lawyer said, calling Jefferson a hog, it makes Miss Emma obsessed with finding someone to teach Jefferson that he is not a hog. Grant is the school teacher who came from a university was givin the task to talk with Jefferson in the hopes that he will die with dignity. Grant does not know what he will say to Jefferson once comfronting him, which angers him because he feels that everything is not worth the effort of fighting. When seeing Jefferson, Grant gives him a notebook which is essential to Jefferson while he thinks back on what has happen to him. The notebook that was writtin like Jefferson's journal helps change the lives of the blacks and the whites relationship, and the life of Grant Wiggins. Reading the notebook, Grant is changed and learns to care for something and is more willing to fight without backing down or running away. Jefferson dies by the electric chair around Easter, making the statement that he is not a hog, but infact a man.